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5 Vital Reasons Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Posted by Jaco Grobbelaar on Wed, May 24, 2017 @ 09:33 AM

Many businesses feel that video is either too expensive or simply not that effective. Not only is this not true, there are great reasons for video marketing! 


[This guest post was provided by Chris Hinchly, SEO Technician with Pinnacle Internet Marketing Ltd based in Cardiff, UK.]

Video as a way of life is here to stay, and research show that the situation will not change soon. Yet, despite the evidence-based growth, many businesses are still shying away from maximising on this powerful and modern marketing tool.

Your Business Needs Video Marketing - Here's Why

While some remain sceptical about the power of video marketing, here are five vital reasons why your business needs to take advantage of the opportunities being presented by this marketing tool.

1. Client Attention Spans Getting Shorter 

Studies show that today, the average online person landing on your business website has a shorter attention span, just about 8 seconds. Yes, to convince a potential customer to read on, you only have 8 seconds. If your visitors land on your website to be met by a large wall of text that wants to describe everything your business does in detail, do you think they will stick around? 

If your landing page has a video with a catchy, yet decent title that gives your visitors a good reason to go for the play button, those short 8 seconds you have can suddenly turn into something more personal, engaging and entertaining.

2. Video Tells More

A video that lasts only 30-seconds can say much more about your brand or business compared to most other types of online content. Everything starting with the facial expressions of your actors to the video lighting makes a lasting impression on your viewers. If a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, what can be said of well-produced videos. They give your business the power of saying more about your brand to suit the internet user of today who is in a hurry. 

3. Video is Remembered More

It is a fact that 80% of people can recall the video ads seen online. The same cannot be said of every social media post or blog read. The fact is that the online environment of today is very noisy, crowded and finding ways of being different calls for creativity. This is the opportunity that your business is accorded by video. You can personalise and target your message using video to set you apart from the crowd.

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4. Appeals to Mobile Users

Mobile and video go together, complementing each other. From 2012, mobile video views are estimated to have increased by a whopping400%. YouTube indicates that mobile video consumption goes up by 100% each year. The numbers of smartphone owners are rising every year and because people love watching videos on the go, your video audience is growing bigger and bigger with each passing year.

A well-thought out and beautifully produced video has great benefits for your business as well as a better Return-On-Investment. Today there are literally thousands of diverse mobile video options available for you to customise to your specific business needs. 

5. Great Return-On-Investment

To drive the point home even more effectively, 76% of businesses indicate that video provides them with good ROI. Even though producing video is not yet the cheapest or easiest task, in the long-run, it pays off in a big way. Tools for editing online videos are improving constantly and becoming even more affordable. Today, even your smartphone can be used in making some nifty business videos! 


If you are an established business or a start-up that has yet to take video as a serious marketing strategy, now is the best time to start. Today thousands of businesses have recognised the power of using video as a marketing tool. It is no longer something nice-to-have but something that you must have. Video marketing is increasingly becoming more affordable, and there is absolutely no reason why you should be left behind by this new gravy train. 

(Chris Hinchly is a SEO Technician with Pinnacle Internet Marketing Ltd based in Cardiff, UK.)


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