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Are You Aware of the Mobile Web?

Posted by Jaco Grobbelaa on Mon, Jun 13, 2011 @ 01:50 AM

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What is the mobile web? I have never heard this term before I found an article about it. The mobile web is the next step in computing. There are expected to be more smart phones sold this year than computers. Vendors need to gear up to use the mobile web to sell their products.

Knotice has produced an elegant whitepaper talking about how vendors can use the power of the mobile web. “Over the next decade, the mobile Web will be a key conduit for your customer relationships, and foundational to your overall mobile strategy,” the introduction says. The key for businesses? Using the mobile web in a “purposeful and relevant manner” to better serve customers.

Knotice suggests many strategic considerations for preparing a mobile initiative. Here are three suggestions:

Choose the right connectors. The best “connector,” meaning the method the vendor uses to engage the user in a mobile campaign, like text or Foursquare, can depend on subjects like demographics, context, media, cost, reach, adoption rate—even the customer lifecycle. There are two main types of connectors currently, namely 2D (Q) barcodes and SMS. What’s the difference?

  • SMS is the most understood, but is expensive to scale and may require carrier approval, depending on the interaction.

  • QR codes are growing in popularity and can have multiple types of responses (sending text, prompting a file download, downloading contact information). You can put codes on print ads or products. There are no carrier fees.

Don’t mistake connectors for the destination. Some people doing mobile strategy emphasize the type of connector instead of the destination the customer will be connected to.  It is important to know that experimenting with QR codes can be fun, but can users find them? Is the experience smooth and efficient? Does it make sense to the consumer?

Be personable but brief. Mobile consumers are on the move. His time is limited. Her handheld may be slow to load and equipped with a small screen. Provide valuable information that can satisfy consumer’s needs at once. Focus on being functional, engaging and clear.

Put yourself in the consumers’ mobile shoes. When you build your mobile approach, ask yourself what you would want as a user and go from there.

This article is based on information from “Get to the Point: harnessing the Mobile Web: Three Strategy Considerations,” published March 19, 2011 at http://www.marketingprofs.com/news/new-media/index.asp?nlid=2226&cd=dmo121.

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