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Content Creation: Video With More on Creating Infographics

Posted by Jaco Grobbelaar on Thu, Jul 18, 2013 @ 07:55 AM

Do you want to add your own infographics as a part of your content creation? I showed you some tools you could try in the article, "9 Inbound Marketing Infographics Tools." I spent a lot of time creating one of my own that I slipped into an article, but please don’t go looking for it. It was a sad little thing I created using Easel.ly. While I was looking for a platform I could understand I came upon the Hubspot package “How to Create Five Fabulous Infographics in PowerPoint.”  When I saw that it used PowerPoint and seemed to call for things I couldn’t figure out, I passed it by. However, I wasn’t satisfied with my poor infographic skills. And then l I found a video by Sharon Sheldon on  “How to Create Graphics Using Smart Art.” After watching this 11-minute long video, I used PowerPoint 2013 (instead of PowerPoint 2010 as Sharyn suggested) and made an infographic that pleased me, made of some content created a long time ago. That’s it below. Now that I am not as intimidated by PowerPoint, I am ready to use the Hubspot package next.

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