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Digital Marketing: What Matters In 2022

Posted by Jaco Grobbelaar on Fri, Oct 29, 2021 @ 10:15 AM


We're approaching the end of another year and will soon be in 2022. Yet, despite the turbulence and shifts of 2021, digital marketing powers on. Will you?

As with most business functions, many things will always remain the same in digital marketing, however, there are significant shifts and trends that matter. And that you want to know about.

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Digital Marketing 101: Strategy Vs. Plan

Posted by Jon Sooy on Wed, Jan 23, 2019 @ 11:57 AM

For most people, these two terms mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably. We speak of our strategy and describe our plan, and we're talking about one thing. However, it's critically important for a successful digital marketing effort to understand that a strategy is not a plan. So, what's the difference?


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Topics: digital marketing objectives, inbound marketing, Marketing Plan, Marketing strategy, digital marketing

Content Marketing And Goal Setting

Posted by Jaco Grobbelaar on Wed, Jan 09, 2019 @ 07:47 AM

Content marketing can be exciting and challenging. It can also be frustrating when your marketing objectives aren't clear cut or are conflicting. Knowing what goals are best suited for content marketing and for you business should be the first step in any content marketing strategy.


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Go Digital or Go Home: Five Critical Digital Marketing Objectives

Posted by Jaco Grobbelaar on Wed, Jun 11, 2014 @ 07:47 AM

Madonna may still be “living in a material world,” but nearly 30 years later the rest of us have moved onto a digital one. The facts are in: the 21st century global marketplace demands 21st century marketing strategies. And while SEO absolutely matters, it’s not the only factor in doing good digital business. Read on to learn five critical marketing objectives for success in the digital age.

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