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Social Media Strategy: Verifying a HubSpot Website for Pinterest

Posted by Jaco Grobbelaar on Thu, Apr 04, 2013 @ 07:55 AM

We recently had a problem trying to verify our HubSpot website on Pinterest. Other HubSpot users have had to call HubSpot for help converting their Pinterest personal account into a business one, according to a HubSpot tech I spoke to recently. As a social media strategy Pinterest articles are really popping this season. The next-to-brand-new social media platform is being hailed as the one driving more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. As a social media strategy Pinterest has the ability to direct more traffic to a website especially since it introduced business pages November 2012. Now it has added an analytics feature that is getting a lot of buzz, but evolving to a Pinterest account can be a daunting journey.

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Make Guild not War with Social Media Management

Posted by Jaco Grobbelaa on Thu, Mar 08, 2012 @ 06:24 PM

I am going to go deep now into the world of Business Social Media Managing for those of you who want to do it yourself.

We have already decided that to write 3 business blogs a week will take approximately 6 hours of your time for a monthly total of 24 hours. Hypothetically speaking if your time is worth $30 an hour, blogging for yourself could cost you $720 a month.
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Business Social Media Management on a Budget

Posted by Jaco Grobbelaa on Tue, Mar 06, 2012 @ 06:49 PM

I am still on a kick about what it really costs to work on your social media marketing. We are assuming right here that you are going to do all the work on your social media yourself rather than have someone in your office or having an external marketing firm do this for you.

We have determined that writing your blog yourself, if you are worth $30 an hour, is going to cost you $720 a month with a time cost of around 24 hours.

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